We will release a third of the people, the situation is catastrophic, complains the director of the exhibition center


For the first time, they canceled the International Engineering Fair, and more and more events were to be held at the Brno Exhibition Center. According to Jiří Kuliš, the director of Veletrhy Brno, the current situation is catastrophic and was caused by measures due to coronavirus. The company is about to lay off and expects a record economic loss of hundreds of millions of crowns.

Even maintenance operations cost the company tens of millions of crowns. “I don’t know such a large company in the Czech Republic, except for Betsport, which would not be allowed to do business for half a year. At the end of the year, we will run out of liquidity, “said Kuliš.

According to them, the company’s representatives are bothered by the senseless measures of the Ministry of Health. “In fact, they deny the essence of the fair. It cannot be divided into structurally separate sectors with a limited number of people who are not allowed to move between sectors, “said Kuliš.

Trade Fairs Brno will lay off about eighty people due to the difficult financial situation. “It’s almost thirty percent of the employees. Our predicament affects hundreds and thousands more people in other businesses, restaurants and hotels that are and will be empty. Hotels in Brno will be filled only by the International Engineering Fair and MotoGP, “added Kuliš.

The decline will continue

According to economist Petr Pelc from Cyrrus, a similar situation could be expected. “The redundancies are unlikely to end. The downturn for the trade fair industry will continue next year, “thinks the economist.

According to him, redundancies may also affect other areas, such as airports.

Representatives of the Brno Trade Fairs are also discussing the current situation with the Brno management. “I also dealt with the unions. In addition, we ordered an analysis from Deloitte. It should assess the measures taken so far and, if necessary, propose further ones, “said Mayor Markéta Vaňková.

He believes that the state will help the fields and activities that are most affected by ongoing government regulations, including exhibitions. “I understand the arguments of director Kuliš when he says that a regular trade fair is no different from an open department store and that the state probably does not understand how this business works,” said the mayor of Brno.

Kuliš said that Trade Fairs Brno cannot do without the help of the state. The company asked the Minister of Industry and Trade for help. It also requires the state to release medium-sized events with an average daily attendance of three to five thousand people a day. “No result yet. Nobody counts the number of people in the shopping centers, in fact they are much higher than at the fair. Palladium in Prague is visited by tens of thousands of people every day, “Kuliš calculated.

Trade fairs Brno at a loss:

expected economic loss: record, in the order of hundreds of millions of crowns

cause of problems: continuing restrictions due to coronavirus are blocking the trade fair industry

maintenance costs for operation: tens of millions of crowns

measures taken: dismissal of almost thirty percent of employees

canceled fairs: International Engineering Fair, Woodtec, Techagro, Salima Fair

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