Was expelled on the wrong decision at 91; Tendulkar says it doesn’t matter when he sees him the next day Simon Taufel


MELBOURNE: Australia’s umpire Simon Taufel has topped the list of the best umpires in cricket. He was also the recipient of the ICC Umpire of the Year award from 2004 to 2008.
He is also an umpire who has not been blamed for any wrong decisions in his career. But Simon Taufel has revealed that he has made several mistakes in the case of Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.
Speaking on the 22 Yards podcast, Toufal once revealed that he had fired Tendulkar by mistake and talked to Tendulkar about it the next day.
In the Trend Bridge Test against England in 2007, Tendulkar was out for 91 on a foul decision by Taufel. The England players appealed against Tendulkar’s Paul Collingwood’s shoulder arm (batting without attempting a shot to avoid being out). The ball hit the pad and allowed the towel to stick. Unbelievably, Tendulkar returned to the dressing room after staying at the crease for a while.
Taufel said he ruled out the bowler that day with the benefit of the doubt. But in the replay it was clear that the ball would go off the stumps. Taufel said that Tendulkar left the ground after a brief absence from the crease and that such a reaction from Tendulkar was unusual.
For this reason it was known that the reaction of the cricket world would be counterproductive. Therefore, Taufel revealed that he did not deliberately look at the next day’s newspapers or other media.
But Tendulkar’s reaction when he was seen on the field the next day was surprising, he said. The next morning, when he went for a walk, he saw Tendulkar on the field. Taufel told Tendulkar that the decision made last day was wrong. ‘I know, Simon. You are a good umpire. You will not make too many mistakes. No problem. Don’t worry about it. ‘ “Tendulkar’s reply was,” Taufel said.
However, Taufel said that once he was out, he did not call out against Tendulkar. It was in the 2005 Delhi Test against Sri Lanka. When the LBW appeal against Tendulkar came up that day, it was not allowed. But it was out. Tendulkar scored a century in that match. “No one will remember Tendulkar scoring a century that day because of his decision, but everyone will remember that Tendulkar was dismissed at the age of 91,” Taufel said.

Content Highlights: Simon Taufel recalls chat with Sachin Tendulkar regarding a wrong umpiring decision

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