Walking as a sport for weight loss. How to burn as many calories as possible?


Walking is the most natural human movement, but also a full-fledged sports activity. Thanks to her, you can burn a bar of chocolate for an hour. However, it must be said that walking is not like walking, or the amount of calories burned in a given time interval can vary in many ways. How to walk to burn energy as efficiently as possible?

1. Go fast

The basic way to burn a lot while walking is relatively predictable – the faster you walk, the more calories you burn. The average walking speed for an adult is about five kilometers per hour. If you get between seven and eight kilometers, or you go really fast, you will burn around 500 kcal in 60 minutes. At an average speed, it is about 300 kcal.

2. Do Nordic walking

Nordic walking is called sports walking with special sticks designed for that. There are several advantages of these sticks – first of all, they absorb shocks, so they save your joints and provide you with support in more demanding terrain. However, you can also use them on a straight line, as they will make you perform better or move more quickly.

In relation to weight loss, the biggest benefit is the fact that thanks to them you can engage up to 90 percent of the muscles of the whole body, including the upper half. This not only helps to strengthen the muscles, but also to burn energy faster.

Photo: Jacek Chabraszewski, Shutterstock.com

You can use trekking poles anywhere and activate the upper half of the body

3. Alternate pace and terrain

If you can’t stand half an hour or an hour of taste, it is recommended to start with a so-called Indian run. The same can be applied when walking. Going an hour at a very fast pace can be unsustainable. On the contrary, changing the tempo together with changing the difficulty of the terrain has a fantastic effect on yours cardiovascular system.

For example, you can walk very fast for two minutes, at a slower pace for two minutes, if you have the opportunity, alternate hills and straights. You will build a great condition for other sports activities.

4. Take weights

If you do not have problems with joints or any other limitation of the musculoskeletal system, tighten and take weights to help. Special weights are sold that you attach around your wrists or ankles. They usually weigh from 0.5 to 3 kg. If you go on a longer walk, choose the lighter ones, they are more suitable for endurance training. Thanks to the weights, you will burn more, as overall the movement will become more demanding. You will also effectively involve the muscles.

Foto: Focus and Blur, Shutterstock.com

The weighted variant is only suitable for healthy individuals with normal weight

5. Go on an empty stomach in the morning

One bonus tip at the end. If you feel like walking in the morning before work, try to go on an empty stomach. It is advisable that you leave really shortly after waking up, ideally within half an hour. Sport is not recommended after a long starvation, it loses much-needed protein, which the body recovers by eating more than normal.

In the morning, you have lower levels of glycogen and glucose and there is no flushed insulin in your blood after a meal. What does this mean for you? Simply because of that you start burning energy shortly after the start of the activity. Your walk can be shorter, yet very effective.

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