Volcanic eruption in Indonesia | Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung, Volcano, Manorama News


Medan മ Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupted on Monday, spreading ash and smoke around 5 km. The people in the vicinity were completely in darkness. The surrounding area is littered with thick debris. In one village, day became like night. The previous eruption was in 2016 on the island of Sumatra. Seven people were killed that day. In 2014, 16 people died.

At the end of last week, a small amount of ash and smoke came out of the volcano. No casualties were reported in the blast. Authorities warned that more lava was likely to flow out. Authorities said no one should enter the red zone area.

No one is allowed to live within a certain range of the volcano. Neighbors said it was completely dark for about half an hour after Monday’s blast. In some places there was crop failure. People rushed to safer places in defiance of Kovid standards.

In 2018, a tsunami following a volcanic eruption near Sumatra killed at least 400 people. There are 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Englih Summary: Indonesia Volcano Eruption Sends Smoke, Ash 5 km Into The Air

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