Vasil Bozhkov changed the version for the sold title to CSKA


Vasil Bozhkov in Dubai with a cigar and a skull in the background Shot: Facebook

Vasil Bozhkov changed the version about the sold title of CSKA in a video, which he published in his profile. Today he answers the question “Why did CSKA lose the title in 2006?”

“The truth is simple. The coach ran away, he had not prepared the team well and we lost 7 points ahead,” the Dubai fugitive explained today. The bookmakers did not benefit from sold titles and arranged matches, because they only lost money from it, he says in the video and added that he did not invest money in reversing the ranking in favor of “Levski”.

Ten years ago, however, the version was quite different. At a special press conference in the offices of Nove Holding on Moskovska Street, Bozhkov explained to many journalists, including from 24 Chasa, that he had in fact been broken through by the Serbian line and that the team had lost everything. The coach at the time was Miodrag Jesic. He found out later. Immediately after this crash, he gave the team to Alexander Tomov, who introduced himself as a man of the Indian Pramod Mittal.

Levski was a good team with a great future when we financed it, but Boyko Borisov killed it. That’s exactly what I told the fans. I sent them to him so that he would not support an unconstitutional law. But because they are great, they said they would not interfere in corporate relations. How can you not interfere, since this corporation supports the favorite team and it is part of it “, Bozhkov was indignant.

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