Uzuvoor began cov- eral treatment at the hospital; In 11 Perch: Nattu Visesham


Kura Vilangat: Uzha Voor Do. K. R. Narayanan spent two days at the Kovidchi Medical Center in the hospital. 11 people were injured in the attack. Seven people arrived on Friday and Sunday. As of this evening, four people have arrived. There are 11 types of EVs in the world. The first two floors of the hospital are used for cov- eral treatment. Prepared by meek. At present, EVs are staffed by doctors and nurses at the hospital itself. In the.

KV is one of the three doctors and three nurses from the hospital. Currently assigned to treatment. Service of six persons, including those arranged in the Block Panchayat for assistance. Beneficial for many, including cleaning activities. Quarters are also made available to those in service for the property. And FIG.
The services of volunteers are also well organized. Activities such as delivering food are done by volunteers It is being led by. 70 beds are arranged in the first phase.

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