Travel vouchers package holiday still covered all year round Inland


On Tuesday De Telegraaf revealed that these vouchers were not covered against bankruptcies of the travel organizations if the holiday was booked after mid-March. However, the traveler was not informed about this. Without knowing it, thousands of Dutch tourists walked with an uncovered voucher. That was corrected on Wednesday.

The Consumers’ Association also discovered the lack of information about uncovered coupons after a ‘mystery investigation’ among twelve known ANVR tour operators. “There were major concerns among travelers after the announcement of the SGR hiatus on Tuesday. They knew nothing about it. We sounded the alarm with the ANVR, who took immediate action and asked the guarantee fund for an additional decision. As a result, there is clarity again, “said a spokeswoman.

Deviating conditions

CEO Frank Oostdam of travel umbrella ANVR speaks of ‘a weaving error’ that is quickly repaired. However, his own members, who were often also unaware of these deviating warranty conditions, think that there was ‘a clumsy mistake’, while it seemed to be so well arranged.

According to Oostdam, travel agencies immediately noticed the negative effect of concerns about the vague voucher guarantee on Tuesday. “As a result, we responded immediately and signaled the GSC board. Fortunately, action was taken the same day. Our customers must be able to rely on the fact that coupons, like booked package tours, have maximum coverage. ”

Moment of booking

The SGR has simultaneously extended the expiry date of the voucher issue from August 31 to December 31, 2020. The time of booking no longer matters. It is expected that at the end of this year almost a billion euros in voucher value for package holidays will be outstanding.

That is still about half. Most holders are reluctant to exchange their voucher for a new holiday this summer due to the corona risks, orange travel advice and other travel restrictions. Many look the cat out of the tree.

Money back always possible

Oostdam hopes that confidence in the ANVR vouchers will be restored. “It is unfortunate and unnecessary that it had to go like this. Money back is always possible with these securities, but we prefer to see bookings as a result. ”

Another large reservoir of vouchers is that of single airline tickets. It is estimated that approximately one billion euros is already outstanding in the Netherlands. These flight vouchers are not covered, however, because aviation does not have its own guarantee fund. If the company goes bankrupt during the term, the money paid is still freak.

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