Travel advice adjusted: Foreign Affairs indicates many new red zones


The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs has adjusted its travel advice again. Many new regions were also given a code red. These are parts of France, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Romania.

On the website, the federal public service for Foreign Affairs keeps track of the advice that applies to trips abroad. That website is updated every day at 4 pm, depending on the local situation related to the corona virus.

Today, many new regions were added to that update that have been given code red or code orange. A travel ban from Belgium applies to red zones. Anyone returning from such an area must be tested and quarantined. You may travel to orange zones, but travelers are asked to be extra vigilant. Anyone returning from a zone with code orange is not obliged to be quarantined or tested, although it is recommended.

Code red

In Bulgaria the regions of Severoiztochen and Yugozapaden in the south-east of the country were given the code red. In France the Mayenne department colors red while in Switzerland the region of Lake Geneva has been added to the list. Also in Romania some areas are given code red: the Center, South East, South Muntenia and Sud-Vest Oltenia.

In Spain Aragon and Lleida were already red zones in Catalonia. Navarro and Barcelona are now also added. Leicester will also remain in the United Kingdom have code red.

Code orange

FPS Foreign Affairs also added some new regions to the list of areas with code orange. It concerns South Holland, Zeeland and North Holland The Netherlands, Malta, East Slovenia Slovenia and parts of Croatia (Adriatic area, Eastern area, Zagreb).

Many other regions have been orange for some time and will remain so for the time being. It concerns areas in Austria (Upper Austria and Vienna), Bulgaria (North Central, South East and South Central), France (Ile de France (behalve Seine-et-Marne), Pays de la Loire, North region (Nord-Pas de Calais), Haut-Rhin in Haute-Savoie), Portugal (Algarve and Lisbon metropolitan area), Czech Republic (Prague, Central Bohemia, Jihovýchod and Moravian Silesia), Poland (Śląskie en Malopolski) en het United Kingdom (East Midlands, North East & Yorkshire, North West and Northern Ireland and Wales). Sweden, Romania in Luxembourg even completely orange.

To fill in a form

From 1 August, everyone who has been abroad for more than 48 hours and returns to Belgium before leaving must fill in a form online. Here we list all information about that form for returning travelers.

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