Trance IIFFT 2020: ‘Trance’ to Toronto International Film Festival! – ‘trance’ to be screened at iifft 2020


Trance is a movie starring Anwar Rasheed and Fahad Fazil. Trance has been a huge success in theaters. Trance was also a film that exposed the scams in the name of healing ministry and the exploitation of believers. Now a new feature of trance is going very viral.READ ALSO; Look at that laugh! Divya Unni with her niece


Trance was a bit of a controversy when it came to showing that the film contained scenes that hurt religious feelings. However, after its release, the film received mixed reviews from the theaters.

Wife and husband in a different getup!

After Bangalore Days, Trance was another film in which Fahad and Nazriya arrived. Nazriya played the role of Esther Lopez when Fahad came as the motivational speaker Viju Prasad.

Great star selection!

Apart from Fahad, the film also stars Vinayakan, Gautam Vasudev Menon, Nazriya Naseem, Saubin Shahir, Srinath Bhasi and Shane Nigam. Cinematography is by Amal Neerad. Sound designer Rasool Pookutty also performed.

New news!

It has been reported that Trans Toronto has been selected for the Indian International Festival. The other films selected for the festival from India are the Telugu film ‘Jersey’, the Tamil film ‘Kaithi’ and the Hindi film ‘Super 30’. The film festival will be held from August 9 to 15.

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