Tortorella at a glance: We were shitty…


Džons Tortorella | Foto: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images/AFP

John Tortorella, head coach of the Columbia Blue Jackets of the National Hockey League (NHL), believes his club played a poor game against the Maple Leafs in Toronto.

It has already been reported that in the NHL qualifying round “Blue Jackets” 0: 3 gave way to “Maple Leafs”. Thus, the result in the series up to three wins is 1-1.

In this match, Latvian puck catcher Elvis Merzļikins watched the game from the reserve bench, but his competitor Jonas Korpisalo beat 36 out of 38 shots or 94.7%.

“You know guys, I’m not going to analyze this game,” Tortorella told reporters after the match. “Toronto performed very well, but we were passionate.” It won’t help our club if I start publicly analyzing the players’ performance now. I hope you understand that. ”

Tortorella was asked two more questions about the match, to which he answered in exactly the same way.

Team captain Nick Foligno was also critical. We weren’t sharp enough as before. That was the biggest difference, so we didn’t play a good game. ”

The next game for Columbus is scheduled for August 7 at 3:00. Merzlikkin has not gone on the field so far in qualifying fights.

It is significant that the second Latvian hockey player Matīss Kivlenieks, who is nominally the third goalkeeper, is also in the Blue Jackets application.

The NHL will continue in qualifying fights, with eight pairs leading the duels to three wins. Eight winners will reach the first round of the Stanley Cup, which has already included the eight strongest teams of the regular season [četras no Rietumiem un četras no Austrumiem]. They are currently conducting a separate group tournament, in which the division of positions for the first round is clarified.

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