Tomorrow’s 13th salary is liquid, here is the complete list of recipients


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The government ensures to distribute the 13th salary for state civil servants (ASN), including civil servants (PNS) and non-PNS.

The 13th salary provision rule is contained in Government Regulation No. 44/2020 concerning the Provision of Salaries, Pension, Allowances or Thirteenth Income for 2020 to Civil Servants, TNI Soldiers, Police Members, Non-PNS Employees, and Recipients of Pension or Allowances. The regulation was set on Friday, 7 August 2020.

“The spread of Covid-19 also has implications for the national economy and social life, so it is necessary to carry out stimulation and socio-economic stabilization efforts, especially in the form of providing salaries, pensions, allowances, or a thirteenth income,” wrote the decree as quoted by Bisnis, Sunday, August 9 2020.

Meanwhile, the amount of the thirteenth salary to be disbursed this month is given a maximum amount of income in July. Meanwhile, for candidates for civil servants (CPNS) the amount of the thirteenth salary to be received includes 80 percent of the basic salary for civil servants, family allowances, and job allowances or general allowances.

The government has allocated a budget for the provision of the 13th salary. The total budget prepared is IDR 28.5 trillion, the source of which consists of the APBN worth IDR 14.6 trillion and APBD IDR 13.89 trillion.

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