Those who ran became spectators; The biker who was injured in the accident bled to death


Thiruvalla: The young man who was injured in the accident bled to death. The incident took place after onlookers stood as spectators.
Jibu Abraham (23), son of Mathew Abraham, died at Tundiyilparambil, south of Talawadis South. The accident took place on the Thiruvalla-Mavelikkara state highway at 10.15 am on Saturday. Jibu and his friend Jeff, a native of Talawadi, were riding their bike when it collided with the car of Dr. Bimbi, a medical officer at the primary health center.
There were 15 people who witnessed the accident and those who came through, but no one was ready to come to the rescue. Dr. Bimbi and the woman in another vehicle approached the fallen youth but could not pick him up. ‘They both asked if anyone could help, but no one was willing. Jibu lay there for about 20 minutes with blood oozing from his head.
Eventually, the Peringara native P.V. Satish Kumar and Muraleedas from Thirumoolapuram helped them. They removed Djibouti from the road. Meanwhile, the police took him to a private hospital in Parumala in another vehicle but could not save his life.

Jeff was admitted to Alappuzha Medical College Hospital with injuries. Jibu, who was working abroad, was about to return. Scenes of a doctor pleading to save a young man have been circulating on social media.

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