‘Those black beauties were lost somewhere in Malayalam cinema’; Harish Peradi


Malayalam cinema and the political inaccuracies within cinema are often discussed. One of the topics that often comes up in these discussions is the color of the actors. White actors come to portray black characters. There has been a lot of criticism of their color-changing acting. Recently, when it was decided to make Uroob’s famous novel ‘Rachiyamma’ into a film, there was a lot of criticism for the role of actress Parvathy in the film. Malayalam cinema has been criticized for turning black mothers into white mothers.

Malayalam cinema had a black heroine. Surya is coming to Malayalam as a heroine in the movie ‘Parankimala’. Surya has been seen mostly by Malayalee audiences in films directed by Padmarajan, Bharathan and KG George. But now in Malayalam cinema, white is mandatory for the heroine to tell the stories of the black hero. Actor Harish Perady says that the movie shows that a white hero should never fall in love with a black woman. He says in his Facebook post that the sun was once a symbol of the concept of beauty.

Full version of Harish Peradi’s Facebook post:

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