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The second season of the University Hockey League is approaching. The team that will newly join it is North Wings Ústní nad Labem. This was officially confirmed at Monday’s press conference.

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“In recent years, the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University has grown significantly, we are investing not only in the infrastructure of the University itself, but we are also interested in the sports activities of our students and employees,” said team manager Martin Novák.

The wings from the north will play at the winter stadium in Ústí nad Labem. “We have already started preparations for this season and throughout August we have a camp: three days a week in two phases. An hour on ice, an hour on dry land. We are also waiting for preparatory matches and during September Tipsport UNI Cup 2020, ”reveals Novák.

“I consider the first year of ULLH to be extremely successful and very attractive to spectators,” Novák is looking forward to Ústí nad Labem in the next.

“We are also interested in the sports activities of our students and staff.”

The North Wings plan to hold two special matches for the 2020/21 season. “We would like to play one match with the University of Ostrava, because our regions have a similar structure. The working title is Battle for Black Gold. The next match is not yet completely determined, it looks like Masaryk University. ”

As a finishing touch from last year’s interrupted season, the Northerners have arranged another interesting match with the Technical University of Liberec, which will be called the Battle of the King of the North. The match is scheduled for November 10 in Liberec.

“I would like to thank the HC Slovan Ústí nad Labem club for their cooperation and help with building our North Wings club,” added Novák.

Filip Malota, Deputy Director of the ULLH Competition, also arrived at the press conference. “We are glad that we are succeeding in expanding the competition with other teams. Next season, there will be ten teams, a two-round system will play, from which there will be eight participants for the playoffs, “describes Malota.” We also want the first four teams to be able to choose their opponents for the superstructure after the basic part. ”

The question now is which team will become the tenth member of ULLH.

Preparation of HC North Wings Ústí nad Labem

August 19 17:00 – juniors Pirates Chomutov – HC North Wings Ústí nad Labem
August 24 17:00 – juniors HC Litvínov – HC North Wings Ústí nad Labem

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