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Actress Durga Krishna’s makeover pictures are now the talk of social media. Glamorous photoshoots of Durga posing in folk costumes wearing saris and salwars are flying around on social media. Jackson, who prepared the photoshoot, tells the story behind the photoshoot called The Boss Beach.

“Durga Krishna is a typical Malayalee girl. She is an ordinary girl who loves saris and salwars. I think this photoshoot of Durga is a mysterious miracle because I had to work hard to convince them about this photoshoot with a cigarette in my hand.”

‘Durga, who has never smoked in her life, had many worries about this photoshoot. But this photoshoot is the result of Durga’s decision to be bold as an actor and move beyond their boundaries, ‘said Jackson.

Durga made her Malayalam debut with Prithviraj’s Vimanam. She has done notable roles in films like Ghost 2, Kuttimama and Love Action Drama. Other films in the pipeline include Ram, Kingfish and Vratham.

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