The majority of Indonesian Ministry of Health employees who are positive for COVID-19 undergo independent isolation


Ministry of Health employees undergoing independent home isolation are closely monitored by the two institutions. Every day, they were asked about their respective health conditions.

“We suggest that independent isolation at home does not accumulate at the Athlete House or the hospital. Therefore, monitoring at home must be strictly monitored and submitted to their respective areas (where employees live),” explained Didik.

“Yes, because of this COVID-19 can bases territory. There are two institutions that oversee independent isolation. First, the local puskesmas. Second, from our Occupational Health Development Unit (UBK). Every day (supervision) via telephone. Asked how he was. ”

Supervision and monitoring from the two institutions is carried out so that if there are symptoms of a slight shortness of breath or severe, they can be picked up to a COVID-19 referral hospital. If the information is obtained by UBK Kemenkes, it will be reported by the puskesmas.

“Later the puskesmas will also serve. How to prepare for follow-up. If the symptoms are mild (and need examination), go to the Athlete House, while if the symptoms are severe, go to the COVID-19 referral hospital,” said Didik.

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