The Jets suffered the heaviest defeat of the season. Scheifele victims of Tkachuka, Laine also did not finish


The Winnipeg players have had a very threatening first match. Not only does he have to deal with an initial 1: 4 loss, a failed performance and defects in defense, but he also has to deal with the injuries of two big stars of the team. Maybe the biggest ones ever. Mark Scheifele resigned early in the match after a collision with Matthew Tkachuk, Patrik Laine again in the third period after a collision with Captain Giordan.

Immediately after this ugly contact, the entire Internet flooded when Tkachuk raised his skate intentionally or not. It is quite scary that both variants are possible. The Calgary attacker flew into Scheifele at high speed, his skates apparently cut a little, and suddenly she was in the air with a knife directly above the skates of the elite Jets center. There is talk of a torn Achilles tendon or a torn calf muscle. These are mere assumptions.

The whole situation was followed by Wheeler’s conversation with Tkachuk, who looked at him blankly. In the next rotation, as expected, a battle took place between the two.

“It was intentional. Disgusting and unclean kicking in the back of the leg, “coach Paul Maurice did not spare the words at the post-match press conference. “You can’t see it from the TV footage, but when you see the view from the blue line and zoom in, it went clearly down the back of the foot. He could cut his Achilles, he could end his career. A disgusting, disgusting hit. ”

Of course, Tkachuk also faced the question of whether there was an intention behind this contact. He laughed at first and replied, as expected, “Of course not.”

“I just followed him and it was an accident. I feel terrible knowing how it turned out. I remember that he turned and I flew into it. My left skate staggered a little and I was probably too fast. ”

The paradox is that Tkachuk trains with Scheifel in the summer with Gary Roberts. “He’s a great guy, one of the best in the league. It’s not good for hockey if a hockey player like him can’t play. ”

“He is our best player, he spends a lot of time on the ice, in addition, he is the center. Our team needs him. It is irreplaceable, “said Wheeler.

And when it seemed he couldn’t be worse, came the second loss. Patrik Laine first fired completely at the mere standing of Mark Giordano, then apologized to him, and Captain Flames answered with a punch and a fist. One of these bumps was carried away by Fina’s left hand and apparently his finger. He also resigned less than 15 minutes before the end.

Laine has a much better chance of returning to the series, Scheifel minimal. Whatever lineup the Jets are in, this series will be very tough. Retribution for the team’s elite center is just beginning

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