The Inpatient Room of Teungku Regional Hospital Week of Southwest Aceh was Closed for Covid-19

33 – The inpatient room at Teungku Pekan Hospital in Southwest Aceh District (Abdya) had to be closed for two weeks following the increase in residents who were positively exposed to COVID-19, including medical personnel at the hospital.

“Do not panic and be afraid, but the community must still be disciplined in implementing the health protocol. Based on technical considerations, we must temporarily close the inpatient services of the Tengku Peukan Hospital,” Southwest Aceh Regent Akmal Ibrahim said in Blangpidie, Tuesday (4/8).

He explained that the closure of part of the Tengku Peukan Hospital was carried out for 14 working days from Monday (3/8) 2020 due to the increasing number of district residents nicknamed “Breueh Sigupai” who were exposed to COVID-19.

As many as 21 Abdya residents who were positively infected by the new type of corona virus that causes COVID-19 were mostly those who served as health workers at the Tengku Peukan Regional Hospital.

“Regarding that, for the time being, some of our services are closed. Except for the Pharmacy Emergency Special Installation (IGD), hemodialysis room, blood transfusion unit (UTD) and special isolation room COVID-19 which remains open as usual, “he said.

According to him for patients who need special drugs such as MDR-TB, heart drugs, blood sugar drugs and other drugs, will still be served Wednesday every week.

Then, for patients with an emergency who need a referral from a health center, they will be referred to the nearest hospital. The reference must go through IGD Tengku Peukan Hospital.

“Once again, keep your spirits up, don’t panic and be afraid, but be disciplined in implementing the health protocol. The rest is to always pray that Allah SWT can quickly withdraw this disease, and protect us all, “said Akmal Ibrahim. [ded]

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