The German Motorists’ Club warns: Fraudsters commit in Bulgaria


They are there as soon as your car breaks down and offer their help – but unfortunately they are scammers.

This is what the German Motorists’ Club (ADAC) warns Germans traveling by car in certain countries in Europe, reports the Frankfurter Neue Press.In particular, the club warns car travelers in parts of Eastern Europe and the Balkans against fake helpers in case of damage. Fraudsters often use vehicles in club colors or with the ADAC logo, the publication warns.

“They take a lot of money from unsuspecting holidaymakers to tow the car and unnecessary service,” Frankfurter writes.

Apart from Hungary and Serbia, the experience of the ADAC shows that fraudsters are now more active in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Slovakia, Lithuania and Poland are also gaining momentum. The car club emphasizes that it does not manage its own road fleet abroad.

Contracting partners are also not allowed to advertise with the ADAC logo – with one exception, namely in northern Italy.

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