The Blackhawks deal with Draizaitle and McDawed in their first game


The NHL season resumed on Saturday in Edmonton and Toronto with five playoff games in a series of up to three successes per team.

The Chicago and Montreal teams with the fewest victories of all NHL playoff teams surprised their opponents by celebrating their return to the field after a break from Covid-19.

NHL annual debutant awards Candidate Dominik Kubalik inspired the Blackhawks of Chicago to a 6: 4 victory over the home of the Edmonton Oilers, scoring two goals and assisting three others.

“We were ready to go to fight, and I think the game was pretty good,” Kubalik said. “I felt pretty good and everything gave up, so it’s nice, but it’s only the first game, so we have to keep winning.”

Jonathan Father scored two goals for the Chicago club, Brandon Sad and Dylan Strom added a 12-goal goal to the Blackhawks, and Cory Crowford repelled 25 opponents.

“It just wasn’t good enough,” said Connor McDave, the Edmonton club star. “The first game is important. We lost it. There is nothing we can do there now. All we can do is focus on the second game. ”

“We started better, and as the game went on, we just had to keep going. That’s what our team needs to do, it needs to be simpler, “he added.

McDeight, Leon Draizaitl and Ryan Naughty-Hopkins accumulated three performance points (1 + 2) in the “Oilers” ranks. In turn, both goalkeepers Miko Koskinen and Mike Smith repulsed by 18 shots and scored one and five goals, respectively.

Carolina Hurricanes Toronto beat New York Rangers 3: 2, winning their first NHL game in 143 days.

Jacob Slevin and Sebastian Aho each scored and scored, helping the “hurricanes” win the heavy match.

“There was a lot of energy in the performance of many players,” said Justin Williams, Hurricane striker. “Months without meaningful hockey are hard.”

New York’s Islanders defeated Florida’s Panthers 2: 1, scoring Jean Gabriel Pazo and Anthony Bovillie in favor of Islanders, while Semyon Varlamov blocked 27 Florida strikers’ shots, with Sergey Bobrovsky’s 28 shots in the back.

The Calgary Flames beat the Winnipeg Jets 4: 1.

Andrew Cops put the Jets in the lead in the first period, but Johnny Gudro scored four unanswered goals for Flames in the eighth minute of the second period.

“We had an almost perfect game,” said Smart. “We worked hard at the training camp, and it showed up on the field.”

The Pittsburgh Penguins, represented by Theodore Bluger, have already been reported to have lost Montreal’s Canadiens 2: 3 (0: 1, 2: 1, 0: 0, 0: 1) in the fifth game.

Blugers spent 17 minutes and 47 seconds on the court, of which he spent 44 seconds in the majority and two minutes and 45 seconds in the minority. He scored twice, scored +/- minus two, as well as won a third of the throws in which he participated.

The teams went to Edmonton and Toronto on July 26, where the qualifying round for the Stanley Cup playoffs will begin on August 1.

Club owners and players have already agreed on a format for 24 team elimination games. It envisages a series of up to three wins in the “play-off” qualifying round, followed by a switch to the traditional series format for up to four wins.

The league and the players’ union also agreed that the playoffs would not take place in the traditional grid, when each team knows with which pair the winner will play the next round, and the teams will be re-seeded after each round.

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