Tamil actor and family behind Kerala gold smuggling case: Meera Mithun


Meera Mithun says Tamil film mafia family is involved in the recent gold smuggling case in Kerala. Meera made the allegation on Twitter. The actress says that actor Surya and his family are laundering money under the guise of a voluntary organization called Agaram and that Surya and his family are involved in a smuggling case in Kerala.

For some time now, Meera has been making headlines by making allegations against famous Tamil film stars. Meera had earlier alleged that Vijay and Rajinikanth had spread slanderous remarks against her.

Meera also said that Vijay was using her fans to make obscene remarks against her on Twitter and that such things had led to her suicide. The actress also made controversial remarks against Trisha. Meera has been hunting for herself for years and alleges that Trisha has snatched away many of the roles she deserves.

In the wake of the allegations leveled against Surya and Vijay, fans of both of them took to social media to lash out at Meera. They now say that Surya and Vijay will be fully responsible for anything that happens to them.

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