Surprise! And Schmeichel is in the plans to replace De Gea


Manchester United are preparing a sensational transfer after, according to the Sun newspaper, they are considering hiring Casper Schmeichel to replace David de Gea.

The father of the 33-year-old goalkeeper – Peter, was the basis of the success of the Red Devils in the 90s of last century and his son hardly missed the opportunity to dress the team of the legendary club.

At this stage, however, the club is considering different options, but De Gea is under serious pressure because of the fluctuations he allowed during the season.

Schmeichel Jr. also made two blunders in recent matches, the second being against Man United, but remains very valuable.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s club is also considering betting on young Dean Henderson, who did well on loan at Sheffield United, but the Norwegian has some concerns about his ability to become a starter immediately and is willing to be left with the Blade, for to develop and gain experience.

Casper Schmeichel became a symbol of Leicester after winning the incredible title of England in 2016 and has a contract with the club until the summer of 2023, being among the highest paid players on the team, receiving 130,000 pounds per week .

However, the Island commented that such a transfer could take place only if United part with De Gea, which will not be easy given his contract, which brings him 375,000 a week.

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