Summer biathlon sprint champions are Moravec and Charvátová


After last year’s non-participation in the championship, the 36-year-old Moravec finished for the title with zero mistakes at the shooting range. Last year’s champion Michal Krčmář did a great run, but with two penalty rounds he was five seconds behind his more experienced national teammate. Last year, the silver Tomáš Krupčík finished third.

Charvát also had better shooting than her two main rivals. The bronze medalist in the sprint from this year’s World Championships in Anterselva passed only once, but Markéta Davidová twice and finished the same as last year. Jessica Jislová finished in third place, replacing her national team colleague Eva Kristejn Puskarčíková, who is recovering from Lyme disease, in the bronze position.

Lucie Charvátová.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Fighter races will take place in Letohrad on Sunday.

Championship in biathlon on roller skis in Letohrad – sprint:
1. Moravec 25: 42.4 (0 laps)
2. Pub -5.3 (2)
3. Krupčík (all SKP Kornspitz) -57.5 (2)
1. Charvátová 20:33,4 (1)
2. Davidova -45.2 (2)
3. Jislová (all SKP Kornspitz) -1: 11.7 (2)

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