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44 – I Made Sukartayasa (39), a man from the Bontihing Village, Kubutambah, Buleleng, Bali, was finally able to marry two of his girlfriends at the same time.

In fact, when going out with his two lovers he claimed he was always secretly for fear of being caught.

“Initially dating, but secretly dating. Both were dating at the same time for two years,” said Sukartayasa, when contacted, Wednesday (5/8/2020).

As told by Sukartayasa, his love story had happened since his first wife died in 2007.

After being a widower for a long time, he finally got into a relationship with a woman named Luh Kariati (29).

But because he works out of town, he is secretly having an affair with another girl named Komang Tri Parwati (25).

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For about two years dating, he finally decided to get married.

However, when he would leave his second lover, he felt uncertain.

Until finally, his relationship with the second girl was delivered with the first girlfriend.

The reason is, because they don’t want to leave it.

But unexpectedly, after communicating and being reunited, both of them agreed to be married simultaneously.

“That was the agreement of the two of them. Yes, I brought them together. I also don’t understand, maybe they already feel comfortable, maybe,” he said.

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Marriage with his two girlfriends was held in 2017 ago. Only six days ago between the first wife and the second.

The reason, because the bride’s parents do not allow to be held simultaneously.

“His marriage was 6 days apart, because his parents did not give all at once in one day. Only the ceremony was done together,” he said.

It’s just that during a traditional wedding ceremony carried out simultaneously on June 20, 2020 ago.

During the wading of the household ark with his two wives, Sukartayasa claimed to be always in harmony.

From his first wife he was blessed with two children, but all died. Whereas with his second wife, they have two children, a boy and a girl.

“Just get along (no problem). I take it easy because they both agreed (to be married),” he said.

Author: Bali contributor, Imam Rosidin | Editor: Robertus Belarminus

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