Study: Pets do not transmit coronavirus to humans, but the opposite is possible



Photo: Hristo Ginev

The new coronavirus was found for the first time in Japan in two dogs owned by different owners, who were also infected, TASS reported, citing the Kyodo news agency.

The report states that the pets were tested under a special program of the company Anicom, which offers care for pets while their owners are being treated for coronavirus infection. The dogs did not show any symptoms of the disease.

Cases of coronavirus in pets have been reported in other countries, including the United States, France and Belgium.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has assured that experts are closely monitoring cases of infection of pets with the new coronavirus. There is currently no information on the transmission of the infection from a pet to a human.

The DPA, meanwhile, said an Italian study found that humans could transmit the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus to dogs and cats.
For this purpose, 540 dogs and 277 cats from households in northern Italy, in particular in Lombardy, were tested.

The study, conducted between March and May this year, found antibodies to the coronavirus in 3.4 percent of dogs and 3.9 percent of cats, an indication that they had been infected. Tests for active infections in animals have given negative results.

“The results confirm what we know – the virus is transmitted between humans and animals,” said Thomas Mettenleiter, head of the German Federal Institute of Animal Health.

Most of the animals studied were from households affected by the coronavirus, indicating that the infection is transmitted mainly from humans to animals, Methenleiter explains.

According to him, the data confirm the assumption that dogs and cats do not play a significant role in the spread of Kovid-19, and that healthy people should not limit contact with their pets. However, it is advisable to limit those infected with the virus.

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