Steinbor, as part of the new team, wins his first success in the test match


It has already been reported that Steinbor officially became the first issue of the Polish extra-class club Belastok “Jagiellonia” on Friday. The contract with the goalkeeper was concluded for two seasons, but after that he has the opportunity to extend the agreement for another year.

Belastok’s team defeated Pruškov’s “Znicz” in the third league of Poland by 6: 1 (3: 0).

Mačejs Bortničuks scored two goals for the winners.

Steinbor spent the first half at the goal of the Jagiellonia unit and remained unbeaten. He was then replaced by 16-year-old Ksavjers Dziekonskis.

After 45 minutes of play, the two teams completed two more halves lasting 30 minutes.

For the past four seasons, Steinbor played for another Polish extras club, Gdynia “Arka”. The unit ended the season in 14th place and said goodbye to the place in the extra class.

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