So that the Heart of People with Diabetes and Hypertension is Healthy during a Pandemic

30 – Cardiologist from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore, Nikolas Wanahita advises people with diabetes and hypertension to monitor their ideal blood sugar and blood pressure numbers to reduce their risk of developing heart problems during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For people with diabetes, make sure fasting blood sugar is below 108 g / dL and then the HbA1c target is below 7 percent. Meanwhile, for those who have hypertension, monitor and try to keep blood pressure at ideal numbers, namely 110-140 and 60-90 mmHg.

In addition, routinely do aerobic exercise to get your heart pumping fast. Recommended physical activity options include swimming, cycling, jogging or brisk walking for a minimum of 30 minutes and done three times a week. “A night’s sleep must also be sufficient, 7 hours minimum,” said Nikolas in a webinar, Friday (21/8).

Other healthy tips, meet the needs of vitamin D3 which can be obtained from food and sunlight. To find out whether the body is getting enough vitamin D3 or not, a blood test can be done.

From the food side, you should avoid processed foods, balance the consumption of fried dishes, red meat with high fiber. Fish can be an option other than beef or chicken. In addition, control excessive stress because it has a bad impact on the body as a whole.

Vaccination can also be a good endeavor. According to Nikolas, if someone has been vaccinated even for another virus, then this can help fight Covid-19. “If you have been vaccinated even for another virus, it will likely help fight Covid-19. Pneumococcal vaccines, then influenza vaccines can be done every year, according to the study, “said Nikolas.

It is better not to believe in herbs that have not been proven medically. “Not only side effect. Usually these people feel safer so they are more complacent, don’t wear masks, don’t keep their distance, ”said Nikolas.

In addition, don’t try to infect yourself with the virus that causes COVID-19, don’t worry too much, don’t stop taking diabetes and hypertension drugs without consulting your doctor.

Finally, if you need to see a doctor, don’t wait anymore, especially if there are complaints such as chest pain, weakness on one side of the body which could lead to heart problems. “The chances of dying are much higher than Covid-19. If you are afraid of going to the hospital (having COVID-19), wear personal protective equipment. Covid-19 is still at least half a year away, we have to learn to live with Covid-19, “said Nikolas.

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