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Shawmi’s Mi Browser Pro is on the list of banned Chinese apps


The app, which is pre-installed on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones, has been banned

New Delhi: The Central government has banned several Chinese applications in the country in the last few months. Now more apps have been added to the list of banned apps. Shawmi’s Mi Browser Pro, which is pre-installed on all Shawmi, Redmi and Poco smartphones in the country, has been added to the new ban list. In addition, the central government has banned the Baidu search application.

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However, when asked about the ban on the Mi browser, a Shawmi spokesperson said it would proceed in accordance with India’s privacy laws. He told the Indian Express in an email. “Shawmi complies with all data privacy and security requirements under Indian law. We are working to understand the latest developments. Appropriate action will be taken as required, ”the spokesperson said.

On June 30, the government banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, including Tiktok, following border clashes with China. Applications including TicTac, UC Browser Hello, Xander, ShareIt and YuCam have been banned. Apps, including clones and variants, were later banned. The government said the app was a breach of privacy.

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