Sevastov returns to the world tour with a loss-rich game


        Latvian tennis player Anastasia Sevastova returned to the world tour after the Covid-19 crisis with a heavy loss on Tuesday, August 11, in the first round of the Prague WTA tournament with 2-6, 2-6 concessions to Romanian Irina Kamelia Begu.

Sevastova lost her first match in 68 minutes after a break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the first game of the Sevastov match, the opponent’s game was broken, but then he lost five games in a row. At the end of the first set, the Liepaja woman managed to break the opponent’s serve game again, but in the next game she lost her service and the first set.

The style of play did not change in the second set. Sevastova’s many mistakes prevented her from taking the initiative in the match and had to accept a convincing loss.

The portal “Delfi” offered live text of the game.

Prague tournament: Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Kamēlija Begu

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 2-6Sevastova loses and withdraws from the tournament. The tennis players exchange mistakes, then Begu is lucky because the ball falls over the net. Begu meets the “slice” blow and gives her a double match ball. Sevastova knocks out and loses the match.

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 2-5Sevastova slams more aggressively and it gives a result (0-30). With a cunning serve, one point Begu recovers. Sevastova error in forhend (30-30). Sevastov’s cliques take the serve and lose their luck after a beckeen mistake.

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 2-4 In the longest play, Sevastova has a forhend line, but again there is a mistake – too strong a backhand. Begu takes the servis well (15-30), after which the Liepaja woman has a mistake (15-40). Sevastova makes a mistake on the net and loses the game

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 2-3Romanian also “dry” wins serves game

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 2-2Sevastova slightly recovered and “dry” wins her serving game.

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 1-2Now mistakes are already Romanian. This allows Sevastova to reach 15-30, but Begu plays well at the net (30-30). With excellent backhand Begu reaches 40-30. Sevastova hits the net and loses her name

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 1-1Sevastova finally manages to play without mistakes. His “dry” wins serve the game. For Liepāja, this is the first won in the service game match.

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6, 0-1Sevastova continues to make a lot of mistakes and loses Begu’s service. Sevastova scored the only point after a double error by the opponent.

After the winning set, medical assistance is provided. A new bandage is applied to the injured right hand of the Romanian woman.

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-6Sevastova loses her first setSevastova makes a mistake at the beginning of the game and then Begu hits the net. Sevastova knocked out (15-30), followed by a double error and a double set ball to the opponent (15-40). Sevastova made an error in the forehand and lost the first set.

There is a long break after the seventh game, because Begu asked for medical help. A tennis player has problems with a wrist that is tied due to blisters. Most likely, this is what prevents her from playing, but a new bandage on the right wrist is not applied yet. The game resumes

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 2-5Sevastova breaks the opponent’s serve gameBegu does not reach the backhand line (0-15). The Romanian makes a double mistake, plays one point, but then makes a mistake – a double break ball for Sevastova. Liepāja woman plays well in the net and wins the game

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 1-5Sevastova loses the serve gameSevastova loses the first game, but then a good backhand comes to Liepaja. In the next game he is deceived by the backhand, Begu takes the serve well and is already 15-40. Begu comes out on the net and wins the game with a shortened shot

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 1-4Sevastova starts the game well again, gets to the triple break ball (0-40). Begu plays the first one with good service. The Romanian woman gives up. Begu defends well and also plays the third break ball, after which Sevastov angers the racket against the court. Begu also wins the next two points and his serving game

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 1-3Sevastova loses the serve game. After the performance drop in the previous games, Sevastova starts the fourth game with the serve well (30-0). Then Begu plays well at the net and picks up the service well (30-30). Sevastova loses another point and then the Liepaja woman hits the net. Lost another serves geims …

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 1-2Begu with successful serving reaches 30: 0. Sevastova bounces off the field, 40: 0. It happens again. Unconditional loss of Begu serves in the game.

Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 1-1. Sevastova loses serving gameplay. Liepāja, making a mistake twice, returns the first two serving gaming points, 0:30. Sevastova at an important time, trying to hit the ball with the shortened one. Network, 15:40. Two breakballs for the opponent. Romanian does not take service, 30:40. Sevastova, 40:40, wins the duel at the net. The Latvian tennis player again, forcing the opponent to play from the end line, risks a cut-off, but it hits the net, Begu prevails. Sevastova is consuming a mighty amount of force to fight the Begu “backs”. At the end of the game, the Romanian takes the short, Sevastova runs away, but hits the net. Out of anger, Liepāja struck the racket lightly against the ground.

The game has started! Anastasia Sevastova – Irina Begu 1-0. Sevastova breaks Begu’s servings The bitch doesn’t deal with a couple of opponents’ servings, 30:15. Sevastova closes the next two games with an elusive shot and an unattainable short, 30:40. Breikbumba Sevastova! Begu hits the ball in the net.

The first will serve Begu. The tennis players warm up.

Tennis players draw for the right of the first service. The game will start about ten minutes later than planned.

During his career, 29-year-old Begu reached 22nd place in the WTA rankings and won four WTA singles tournaments.

Sevastova has met with Begu (WTA 82) five times in official games. Sevastova won both matches, which were played on clay. The Prague tournament will also take place directly on the clay surface. On the hard surface, Liepāja has won only one of the three games. The last three mutual games took place in 2017, with Sevastova winning two of them.

At the end of July, the tennis player with the Latvian national team participated in the “Merks Cup” tournament against the Estonian national team, in which the home team won with a result of 6-5.

Today, Latvian tennis player Anastasija Sevastova (WTA 43rd) starts the WTA tour season. However, the Liepaja woman has not been completely idle. In recent weeks, Sevastova has participated in two demonstration tournaments in Berlin, one of which also triumphed thanks to the victory in the final against Peter Kvitov (WTA 12)

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