Sasho Kadiev’s wife forgave him for the infidelity


02 August 2020, Sunday, 1:40 p.m.

Author: Flagman.BGSalsa dancer Tanya Toncheva had kicked him out of her life after paparazzi photos

After another separation, the host of “Before noon” Alexander Kadiev reunited with the mother of his child. Salsa dancer Tanya Toncheva had kicked him out of her life after paparazzi photos in “Weekend”, in which the actor was photographed with another woman, Hotarena writes.

Kateto Evro had a great merit for the gathering of the artistic couple. She was very attached to her daughter-in-law, who made her dream come true to have a granddaughter. The actress managed to convince Tanya that she and Sasho should reconcile in the name of the child. “I can’t live with another man, but I want him to be more serious and more responsible,” the daughter-in-law argued. Kate promised to talk to him. The host decided to listen to her and begged forgiveness from his powerful partner.

As a sign of truce, the whole family together with Kate Euro went on a sea vacation. “The best place we can be is to be together,” Tanya wrote on social media and posted photos from their family vacation.

Most recently, Kadiev openly admitted that he did not want to marry the exotic woman from Plovdiv, as he was not convinced that he had met the right woman for himself. “I can’t say I’ve found the right person for me. Tanya and I have been together for many years. We love each other, we have a child, but I’m not sure we’ve both found that love. Maybe she’s just in the imagination. “While two people are arguing over who will look after the child and look at their watches, love will hardly triumph,” the actor shocked with his confession. Indicative of their relationship was that Tanya had deleted all her photos with Kateto’s son Euro on social networks. According to people familiar with the turbulent family relations, Tanya had a hard time swallowing Kadiev’s words. “We have been living without marriage for 6 years. Even if he thinks I’m not the woman of his life, why does he say it in public? ”, The star’s daughter-in-law from” Orchestra without a Name “was angry in front of their mutual friends.

Rumors that Sasho and Tanya’s relationship is on highs and lows have long been circulating in artistic circles. Relations in the artistic family strained fiercely in the spring. Paparazzi photos in “Weekend”, in which the TV star openly flirts with a young brunette having breakfast in a dilapidated restaurant in South Park, turned out to be the last straw. According to acquaintances, the girl is Kadiev’s official mistress, with whom he has been in a relationship for about a year.

Tanya herself shared that they had sharp conflicts with Sasho more than once and she was leaving their home. “When we quarrel, I quickly pack my bags and go to my hometown of Plovdiv. After two days, I usually feel sick and come back. Habit also plays a role. It’s hard for me to imagine living with another man, “said the brunette about her tumultuous relationship with the actor. She does not hide that conflicts often arose with him – mainly because of everyday life.” Our disputes arise mainly if I have not cooked and not I have cleaned the house. For him this is very important – the woman is obliged to do these things. When there is a pot and everything is arranged, things are rosy. Otherwise, some dramas begin … “, the choreographer admitted.

The two often quarreled over video games, to which the host was addicted. Just like a teenager, he hung out in front of a computer for hours every day and played various adventure games.

In the last 2 months, Kadiev has been seen more and more often in the Manastirski Livadi district of the capital. The actor is regularly spotted shopping for groceries in supermarkets. “Either he bought an apartment in the neighborhood or he is visiting someone,” locals commented. A curious detail is that the accident with a truck, which the presenter suffered very recently, was in the area of ​​”Manastirski Livadi”. The explanations of Kadiev, who escaped unharmed, but with crushed Mazda sheets, were that the accident happened just while he was going to work. This fact revealed that the presenter did not spend the night in his native home in Kokalyane, where he lived with Kate Euro, Tanya and little Katerina, but was most likely with his mistress. Finally, however, the amorous actor and TV presenter returned to his family.

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