Salary Liquid 13 Tomorrow Monday, who is eligible and how much?


Jakarta – The salaries of 13 PNS (Civil Servants) are confirmed to be disbursed Monday, August 10, 2020 tomorrow. Secretary of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB), Dwi Wahyu Atmaji, conveyed certainty on the disbursement of the salaries of 13 civil servants to detikFinance, Sunday, August 9, 2020.

“Yes, Monday (13th salary) will be disbursed,” said Dwi Wahyu Atmaji.

Previously, the government issued Government Regulation (PP) Number 44 of 2020. The regulation stipulates the provision of salaries, pensions, allowances or income for the 13th year 2020 to PNS, TNI soldiers, members of the Police, non-civilian civil servants, and recipients of pension or allowances. .

As a derivative of PP number 44, a Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) is also being prepared for the process of disbursing the salaries of 13 civil servants.

Salaries of 13 civil servants

Quoted from Government Regulation Number 44 Year 2020, the amount of salary for 13 civil servants this year is the maximum amount of income in July. However, not all civil servants receive a salary 13.

Salaries of 13 are only given to echelon III officials and below and officials at the same level in agencies, TNI soldiers, members of the National Police, and retirees.

For civil servants, TNI soldiers, and members of the National Police who are taking leave outside the state’s responsibility or are assigned outside government agencies both inside and outside the country whose wages are paid by the agency where they are assigned, they do not get a salary 13.

In the Supreme Court institute for the chief, deputy chief, young chief and general judge do not obtain Salary 13. Similarly, the chairman, deputy chief and members of the House of Representatives.

The government has allocated a budget of Rp. 28.5 trillion for the payment of the salaries of 13 civil servants 2020. Of the total budget, Rp. 14.6 trillion is taken from the APBN which is used to pay the salaries of 13 central civil servants including the TNI, Polri, and retirees.

The remaining Rp. 13.89 trillion was taken from the APBD which was used to pay regional civil servants.

Unlike before, the disbursement of the salaries of 13 civil servants this year is somewhat different. Usually the salaries of 13 civil servants are disbursed in July or at the opening of a new school year.

However, this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the disbursement of the salaries of 13 civil servants a bit late. The government decided to relocate and refocus on budgets and programs that are not priorities for handling the impact of COVID-19.

From detikFinance’s records, the government has recorded several changes in the posture of the 2020 budget. The latest is as stated in the Presidential Decree 72 of 2020. There is also a budget for the salaries of 13 civil servants that has been stated in the APBN, only the disbursement process was decided too late.
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