Rutte: from now on register name and contact details in catering


Catering businesses are urgently advised to register the name and contact details of customers, so that this information can be used for source and contact research.

If the GGD establishes that several infections have occurred at a catering establishment, the case can be closed for fourteen days. This also applies to amusement parks and museums, for example.

Rutte also addressed young people. “If too many of you ignore the rules, we will all be back soon.”

“Do not come close to the vulnerable and the elderly. You should not take that risk,” was the special appeal that the prime minister made to young people.


During the press conference, he warned time and again about the danger of the corona virus. He called behavior that shows people and especially young people that they think this is not the case. “Stay home with complaints and cooperate with source and contact research.”

Rutte called for compliance with the corona rules, such as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, washing hands, staying at home in case of complaints and working from home as much as possible. “We don’t want a second lockdown and it doesn’t have to be.”

The GGD will check by telephone whether travelers returning from countries with an orange travel advice will be quarantined for two weeks. That said healthcare minister Hugo de Jonge, who spoke after Prime Minister Rutte.

Urgent request

Last week, the government decided that travelers are not obliged to have two weeks in home quarantine when they return from countries with code orange as travel advice. However, they were urged to remain in home isolation for two weeks.

In addition, according to De Jonge, there will be a portal from 12 August where people can log in to see their test results.

Rutte also expressed his concerns about supporters in professional and amateur football. The prime minister showed that he was annoyed by supporters of Feyenoord who attended a public training session of their favorite club on Tuesday.

Ban presence of fans

“They sang passionately and that is against the rules”, said Rutte. “I can imagine that at some point the mayor of Rotterdam will decide to drastically limit the number of fans or to completely ban the presence of supporters.”

Because mayors and presidents of security regions may restrict or even ban the presence of fans. “If the figures give reason to do so, these measures can also be scaled up to a national level and apply to the whole of the Netherlands.”

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