Rough criticism by Jaromír Jágr: It’s bad. He disappointed me, says the star athlete


Jaromír Jágr (48) has not had an easy time lately! His hockey Kladno is declining among the elite after one season. In addition, he faces criticism for his recent visit to China after the god of President Miloš Zeman, ties to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and working in advertising!

Jaromír Jágr was part of the Czech presidential delegation in China a year ago. He also received criticism for a joint photo with the castle chancellor Vratislav Mynář. Many also blame him for his contacts with Andrej Babiš. In the past, he appeared, for example, in an advertisement for Vodňanská chicken.

But it was not the only advertisement in which he appeared. And this is exactly what another athlete blames him – the best Czech basketball player of today Tomáš Satoranský (28)! According to Aha! during an interview in the Morning Club on Expres Radio, a basketball player was asked which of the well-known athletes disappointed him humanly.

After a moment’s thought, Satoransky drew a clear answer. “Which of the stars disappointed me as a human being? I hope that not many people will hate me, but I will say what it is like: Jarda Jágr disappointed me! ”Admitted the athlete.

He doesn’t like the way Jágr is involved in the current advertising campaign. “We all idealized him for being the biggest hard worker for us, and then the man advertises e-bikes … It’s bad, he just ended up for me!” Says Chicago Bulls quarterback.

That’s why he sent a message to his colleague from the sports industry. “I hope you don’t listen, Jardo. That he won’t write to me yet, “Satoransky said.” I have to say he doesn’t need it, “the basketball player is clear.

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