Rono won by Bugatti Chentodei; Price 83.34 crore | Football


Milan എന്ത What did their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo do after Juventus won their 9th consecutive title in the Italian Serie A football league? He fired a shot of firm determination into the lust he had been carrying in his mind for months. Ronaldo has reportedly signed a contract with Juventus to buy a കാർ 85 million (approximately Rs 83.34 crore) supercar.

Ronaldo, who loves luxury cars, has a long list of super cars at home. The decision to buy Bugatti’s supercar (Chendodechi) was made 4 months ago. But Ronaldo will have to wait another year to get his hands on the car. The company will deliver the car only in 2021.

This Bugatti model can reach a top speed of 100 kmph in 2.4 seconds. The manufacturers claim that it can reach speeds of up to 379 kilometers per hour. The company only makes this model for 10 people worldwide.

English Summary: Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Juventus title win by buying new Bugatti super car

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