Report: 90% of COVID-19-cured patients still have lung damage


Radio China

90 percent of the 100 patients treated with COVID-19 who were treated in a Wuhan hospital still had lung damage, and 5% of them were quarantined again because they tested positive for coronavirus. Radio China.

A team from Zhongshan Hospital at Wuhan University, led by the director of the intensive care unit, Dr. Peng Jun, has made follow-up visits to 100 patients since April. The first phase of the one-year program ended in July. The mean age of the patients was 59 years. The results showed that the lungs of 90% of the patients were disabled, ie. their normal functions have not been restored to the level of healthy people.

The researchers performed tests such as six-minute walks with patients. They found that these patients could walk 400 meters in six minutes, while healthy people walked 500 meters in the same amount of time.

Some patients still rely on oxygen machines for three months after being discharged from the hospital.

The immune system of the 100 participants in the study has not fully recovered. Less than half of the cured patients have returned to work, the report said.

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