Province of Utrecht launches pressure monitor for recreational users Inland


Visitors can then check in advance how busy it is somewhere and where quiet alternatives are available.

The monitor was developed by the Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen Tourist Board and has been active in Gelderland since the end of June. The monitor is consulted thousands of times a day in the most popular holiday region in the Netherlands. On beautiful days, according to the tourism board, it is clearly busier on the monitor. The chairmen of the three safety regions in Gelderland are very satisfied.

The Utrecht provincial executive Arne Schaddelee says he also wants to use the pressure monitor to contribute to the spread of the crowds, “so that visitors can safely enjoy all the beauty that our province has to offer.” He also hopes that regulators will have to intervene less often as a result.

Involved entrepreneurs, managers of nature and recreation areas, inner cities and enforcers keep the information on the map up to date. A few times a day they report how busy it is in their area.

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