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Levski’s Management Board held an official press conference, at which it explained how it will proceed from now on and how it will be useful to the “blue” club. At the press conference, the executive director Pavel Kolev gave details about the loan that the “blues” took and explained exactly what the money from it went for.

“There is a small loan to a small company. As you know, yesterday we officially announced the amount to dispel speculation about the origin of the funds. All sorts of conspiracy theories have spun, and things are much simpler. The only condition of the company is, if possible, I do not want to emphasize this, because all announcements of transparency are mostly related to the expenditure part of the budget, ie absolutely every penny received will be spent transparently, but there is one very important detail. “related to the negotiations we are conducting with potential partners of Levski. No advertiser or sponsor would want to be constantly announced in the public space. This is something that could repel many potential candidates,” Kolev said.

“I say this because there is an expectation for us to announce our every move in the situation we are in. It is a loan of BGN 199,000. This money has been spent entirely on salaries of footballers who They are currently in the locker room of the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. This was done with the idea of ​​bringing calm to the team. ”

“Nasko Sirakov announced to these same players in early July that by the end of the month we will start partial payments on salaries. From this point of view, I think that given the fact that talks with sponsors are not over yet, ie. we have no real income, the most normal thing in the world was for Levski to look for an option to start the championship normally. “

“These funds will be repaid. We are currently in talks with other companies, as well as for the sale of players. I do not expect to have problems in terms of loan repayment. We have not committed to a long-term policy of borrowing, because such things are circulating in the media. ”

“The interest rate is the minimum by law – 4% per year, it can not fail to appear. I do not see and do not expect Levski to have a problem to pay it in 2-3 weeks,” added Kolev.

“If we need to talk longer, we are talking to potential sponsors who are not yet in the final stages. There are details for further clarification, and there is understanding, this will be made public and you will be aware of it.”

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