Origin of Coronavirus: Nobody Knows! Bats have flown with Kovid for 70 years; New research results out – researches identifies origin of coronavirus as study says the virus evolved from bat viruses decades ago


New Delhi: The novel corona virus, which has claimed the lives of more than 6.8 lakh people worldwide, has been present in bats for more than half a century, researchers say. Bats, the natural habitat of the corona virus, have been infected for years, according to new research published in the journal Nature Microbiology. Researchers have suggested that the corona virus may have originated from the sorbic virus found in bats.Researchers say the virus has been present in bats for the past 40-70 years. In February of this year, Chinese researchers revealed that the novel corona virus was closely related to the sorbic virus found in the body of a bat caught in 2013 in Yunnan province. According to researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, there are 96 percent similarities between the genetic makeup of the two viruses. Chinese experts have suggested that bats may be the source of the corona virus.

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A professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the US confirms the studies of Chinese experts. Massage Bonnie confirms. He confirmed that the origin of the corona virus was bats and explained how long the virus had originated. The researchers found that the corona virus originated from the Serbico virus in 1948, 1969 and 1982. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus, which could spread to other parts of the world.

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The researchers said that most of the virus’s traits, including spike proteins, were attracted to Ace 2 receptors in human cells while they were still alive. These viruses were behind the 2002 SARS outbreak. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. Although the corona virus may have been transmitted to humans through papillomaviruses, the researchers said the virus had not been genetically modified before reaching humans.

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