Nový Jágr: More a puffer than a player. What does he have to do?


“My priorities have changed a bit. I used to be a 100% player, a bit of an owner and a bit of a manager. Now I try to be a 100% manager and owner, when I have everything done and I’m sure that things are going in the right direction, so I’m preparing for hockey. It is really difficult to go to meetings with sponsors and then fly to training, “he said.

The jagr simply has to divide attention. He solves staff, young people, shoots commercials to keep his Kladno alive. In addition, he also embarked on politics.

In the hockey government

He recently joined the executive committee of the Czech Ice Hockey Association, is a member of the National Council for Sport, was a member of China’s delegation last year in China, and many criticize him for it.

“I would like to share my experience and opinions with someone, and when the union and then the agency approached me, I was happy. And as for China, I really wish people would think twice before convicting someone, or at least ask themselves the question: What would I do, how would I behave if I were in his situation, “he reflected criticism.

Jagra will simply be perceived more and more by Czech fans in the office, but perhaps it is not over yet on the ice. Maybe fans of a club other than Kladno will even see it in the jersey, it should not be missing on the list of Knights or at the December Winter Classic, of which the Knights became co-organizers.

“I still have my goals and motivations that will kick me together to prepare well again. Whether it’s Spindl, returning to the extra league or playing at the age of fifty. If you don’t set goals, you’re lost in a circle I don’t want to be in. I still want to enjoy it and be healthy. ”

But beware, one big promise was made in the previous quote. The famous number 68 stated that he is not going to finish on the ice, he is only forty-eight, he intends to roll in the Kladno jersey (and maybe even Sparta) for at least two more seasons.

Although in addition to the main mission…

Kladno as a child

“I take the club as my child, I have a responsibility for the players, the staff and the youth,” he revealed recently.

Jágr’s family has ruled hockey in Kladno since 1994. At that time, the heads of the indebted club, on whose account the giant factory Poldi stopped sending money, were happy that the family of the already well-known Pittsburgh star Penguins literally saved the club.

At that time, the government was not taken over by a son, but by his father, Jaromír Jágr the Elder. He was closer to events, he could influence things more easily than the young Jarda, who had to concentrate on his game thousands of miles to the west.

It was a long tenure for almost twenty years. Only after them did Jaromír Jr. take over the scepter. And it goes on.

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