NMBS calls on not to travel en masse to the coast: “This corona period is not the right time”


Don’t flock to the coast in these corona times

Bart Crols of the NMBS is very clear in “So many holidays” on Radio 2: “Now is not the right time to all go to the beach, we advise against flocking to the coast during these hot days”. Some of the extra trains that are normally put in in good weather, the summer trains, will be canceled. If the train is 80% full, it will no longer be possible to board. “80% occupancy means that day-trippers have to wait for the next train, wherever they board. Police and security will see to it that everyone adheres to these rules, ”says Crols.

Bring proof with you for essential journeys

The NMBS does take into account people who travel to the coast for work or because they live there. Bart Crols: “The people who live or work on the coast must be able to participate. They should bring proof so that they can demonstrate this effectively. In this way it will also be easier for us to distinguish people who make an essential movement. It promotes throughput and only then can they get priority. ”

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