Nikolay Mihailov returned to the door of Levski, the 11 for the control with Vitosha – Levski


Levski comes out of control against Vitosha Bistritsa a week before the start of the championship. The head coach of the “blues” Georgi Todorov chose the 11 who will come out of the first minute on the field in the friendly match against the relegated to the Second League Vitosha.

The control starts at 18:30 and you can follow it live with dsport, as in Levski TV.

As expected, the “Blues” started the match much more aggressively. In the 8th minute Ivaylo Naydenov found Roberta, who advanced with the ball in his foot to the penalty area, but was closed and failed to fire and was forced to return. Three minutes later a nice pass from Zdravko Dimitrov with a nice pass passed to Nigel Roberta, but a defender of Vitosha did not allow Martin Petkov to put the ball in the door of Bistrita.

In the 22nd minute, 16-year-old Marin Petkov left no chances to Nikolay Krastev with a shot in the right corner and opened for the “blues”.

Six minutes later Hristo Ivanov fired a weak shot in the face of Nikolai Mihailov and the captain of Levski saved.

Five minutes after the start of the second half, Nigel Roberta doubled the lead of Levski with a great performance of a direct free kick, directing the ball in the upper left corner.

In the 60th minute Zdravko Dimitrov freed himself from the defense of Vitosha with a series of feints, but his subsequent cross was not good.

The starting lineups of both teams:

Levski: 13. Nikolai Mikhailov – k, 5. Orlin Starokin, 6. Ivaylo Naidenov, 19. Yanis Kargas, 11. Zdravko Dimitrov, 88. Marin Petkov, 79. Martin Petkov, 7. Paulinho, 77. Iliya Yurukov, 40. Stein Spearing , 17. Nigel Roberta

Reserves: 12. Ivan Andonov – in, 18. Nasiru Mohamed, 45. I. Dimitrov, 22. Galchev, 93. Kabov, 23. Yovchev, 21. Stoyanov, 71. Kostov, 14. Nachev, 24. Dimitar Andonov

Vitosha: 12. Nikolay Krastev, 5. Ventsi Bonev, 24. Georgi Alexandrov, 14. Chetin Sadula, 22. Bogomil Dyakov, 20. Yanko Sandanski, 11. Daniel Kutev, 18. Daniel Hristov, 88. Georgi Babaliev, 96. Hristo Ivanov, 17. Zdravko Panev

Reserves: 33. Deyan Valkov, 4. Kristian Uzunov, 8. Vasil Parvanov, 66. Alex Terziiski, 99. Alexey Georgiev, 23. Emil Gargorov, 16. Teodor Kostadinov, 6. Ivaylo Ivanov

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