‘My sister is the real villain’; Leaving messages sent by Sushant


Actress Riya Chakraborty leaks WhatsApp messages sent by Sushant Singh Rajput The move comes amid mounting allegations of Sushant’s death. These messages indicate that Sushant had big problems with her sister Priyanka.

In the message, Sushant says that her sister’s behavior is very disturbing. Sushant says that Priyanka had beaten her friend Siddharth under the influence of alcohol and finally confessed. Sushant tells Riya that her sister is the real villain.

The page in Riya Sushant’s diary was released yesterday. Sushant has written the names of her creditors in her diary. The actor shared his life and the debt he owes to Riya and his family for coming into his life. Sushant addresses Riya as Lilu. Riya’s father and mother are also addressed as Sir and Madam.

The actress also owes a debt of gratitude to her pet dog Fudge. Riya has made it clear that she has only these in Sushant’s possessions.

The actor’s family members have alleged that Riya was involved in Sushant’s death. They lodged a complaint against Riya with the Bihar police. Mumbai police have been investigating the actor’s death from the beginning. Riya was summoned by the enforcement yesterday for questioning after a lengthy investigation into Sushant’s financial dealings. Mumbai police and Bihar police are at loggerheads over the CBI taking over the case.

Content Highlights: Rhea Chakraborty shares WhatsApp messages with Sushant Singh Rajput, against his sister Priyanka’sbehavior

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