Moscow calls first coronavirus vaccine “Sputnik V”


Moscow called the first Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine of Soviet Union’s 1957 Sputnik I

This was announced by the head of the Russian sovereign wealth fund Kirill Dmitriev, quoted by AFP and Reuters.

Earlier today, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced that the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus has been registered in Russia.

Dmitriev, head of the fund that funds the project, said the third phase of vaccine trials would start on Wednesday, industrial production is expected to start in September and that 20 countries have pre-ordered more than 1 billion doses. According to him, the vaccine will be on the market under the name “Sputnik V”.

The name of the new vaccine is a reference to eone of the greatest scientific and technological advances of the Russians during the Cold War, namely the world’s first artificial satellite.

The Russian vaccine is approved in less than two months after testing on humans. International scholars are asking whether Moscow does not put national prestige before science and security.

More than 100 potential vaccines have been tested worldwide against the coronavirus. There are at least four in the last third phase of testing, according to WHO data.

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