Mohanlal – mohanlal shares a dasanum vijayanum meme on friendship day 2020


Dasan and Vijayan and their friendship are unforgettable to the Malayalees. Two characters who came together with Malayalees through three films, Nadodikkaatu, Pattanapravesham and Akkare Akkare Akkare. Those who call it Eda Vijaya and then return it as Entada Dasa. On social media, Mohanlal is wishing a happy day with the memories of these characters who are very familiar to the Malayalees.

Servant and conqueror

Dasan and Vijayan were friends who stood by anything but at the same time paranoia, petty jealousy and boasting. Friendship is like that, because those who are always in love are not good friends. Mohanlal congratulates them on World Friendship Day by sharing a meme containing their memories.

33 years later and still dear

Dasan and Vijayan are immortalized characters by Mohanlal and Srinivasan. Mohanlal has shared a meme card saying Happy Friendship Day. It was in 1987 that Dasan and Vijayan’s Nadodikkaat was released.

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Come back!

In a matter of minutes, this friendly day post went viral. Many people have come back to greet Lalettan. This combination should be seen once again, many gossips gossip that Mohanlal and Srinivasan are at loggerheads with each other but gave a good response from this one post, some said so.

Will there be a Lal-Sreeni combo again?

Dasan and Vijayan are the best friends we have ever seen in a Malayalam film and we feel that we can see the Sreenivasan Mohanlal combination once again.

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