Millennial Mothers Are Believed to Have Big Role in Determining the Future of the Nation


Tribunnews Reporter Report, Eko Sutriyanto

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Millennial generation is recognized as a generation born between 1995 – 2010.

Given that this generation is currently at a productive age and plays a role as parents, thus giving birth to the term millennial mother.

Millennial mothers are believed to have a different parenting style compared to previous generations.

In accordance with the characteristics of being technology literate and actively seeking information.

Millennial mothers also tend not to want to be influenced by previous generations of parenting styles.

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However, this advantage does not necessarily solve the problem of stunting in Indonesia, which is still at 30.8%.

Referring to the threshold set by WHO (20%), Indonesia is still classified as a country with a high prevalence of stunting.

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One of the reasons is that they are easily influenced by advertisements, promotions, or lifestyles that tend to be instant and practical.

So do not be surprised if in the end millennial mothers tend to be consumptive, instantaneous without considering the basic needs of the child.

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