Men with Helmet Recorded Masturbation in Front of Children Who Are Playing


BANDUNG, – Bandung Regency residents, West Java, were shocked by the video of the indecent act of a man uploaded by the Instagram account of on Sunday (07/03/2020) yesterday.

In the video uploaded by the Instagram account, a stocky man wearing a black jacket and shorts, a video was recorded watching a number of children playing in the front yard of SD Negeri Girls, Jalan Toha Ramdan, Ciparay, Bandung Regency , West Java.

“The time of Tuesday 28 July 2020,” wrote the account.

In the video which lasts about 1 minute, the man whose face is covered with a helmet continues to pay attention to the children who are playing while masturbating.

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Realizing his behavior was distorted, the man, occasionally paying attention to the surrounding conditions.

“He made the surrounding community uncomfortable and even frightened because he showed his genitals in front of a small child. Not only that, even the man also masturbated at the scene. The action of the pervert man was recorded with smartphone by a mother who is accompanying her child to play, “writes the account.

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