Melbourne is under full six-day quarantine due to many new coronavirus cases and deaths


A six-day full quarantine began in Melbourne today, after 471 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the last 24 hours in the second most populous Australian city, and eight people died, Reuters reported.

Due to the new wave of the virus, most shops and businesses have closed, raising concerns about food shortages. The streets of the city of five million, the capital of the state of Victoria, are deserted.

There is a danger that the wave of infection in Victoria will spread to other states. Twelve new cases were reported in New South Wales yesterday, and 483 were newly infected across the country for the day. No new cases were found in other states and territories.

About 20,000 cases have been reported in Australia since the beginning of the pandemic, and 255 have died from Kovid-19. This is a significantly smaller number than other developed countries, Reuters notes.

Most of those infected – more than 13,000 – are in Victoria. Yesterday in this state there was a record daily increase in the number of infected and dead – 725 and 15, respectively.

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has urged residents not to start panicking after announcing a restriction on meat production, the Associated Press reported. According to him, from Friday evening the production of beef, lamb and pork will be reduced by one third due to the danger of spreading the infection in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. Chicken production will be reduced by one fifth.

Andrews said consumers did not need to stockpile, as happened sporadically and to varying degrees during Melbourne’s first and second closures. The prime minister warned people they might not be able to get as much meat as they wanted, but assured them they would get “what they need” and “fundamentally important” to them.

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