Maria Neykova leaves bitter, they write that she sold the song for the movie “The Goat’s Horn


Maria Neykova with Mihail Belchev – the two make emblematic duets PHOTO: Archive

The great singer and composer died at the age of 56 on August 1, 2002.

“Maria left bitter. They wrote that she sold the rights to the song for the movie “The Goat’s Horn” for 1000 euros. She did not tolerate this slander “, the poet Nadezhda Zaharieva remembers with sadness about her friend and neighbor Maria Neykova. She consoled her that no matter what nonsense was written, I shouldn’t take it seriously. But Maria suffered.

The woman who sang the emblematic song was the most modest and honest man Zaharieva, the wife of the poet Damyan Damyanov, knew. They lived in the same block almost opposite the Pliska Hotel. Neykova moved there with her husband to his parents’ home in the difficult years in the 1990s. Singers didn’t have jobs, composers didn’t either. Maria was left without income.

“We often went around the nearby shops and looked for where the cheese is 15-20 cents cheaper. Let us have enough money. I had a stall van with Bulgarian books. The rent was going up, it became unbearable, so I went bankrupt. And so we went hand in hand in search of cheese in our pockets. Maria had severe diabetes. But what she could not bear was the ridiculous demise of an accident with her husband. He fell from a high floor. They said it was suicide … Then it just went out after him. They have one son “, says Zaharieva.

The two often wrote songs together. Nade claimed that her text did not work, Maria replied: “Will you tell me?” She just felt the words. Stefka Berova performs many songs on her notes, Nadezhda remembers.

“There is no other composer who has 2 songs in the top ten of the best melodies in Bulgaria. It’s just Maria! She could not write until she saw the text. The only exception is for the Goat’s Horn. ( “Go you two a long time, and no time will not stop. We will roam close in this land, ah, how I will not be alone. The text is Bogomil Gudev – b. P.)

I still keep the songs with her voice on tape. There are still unsung songs. Life does not go backwards and does not stop before yesterday. Little is known that her sister is the writer Velichka Nastradinova. You know, death is a point, but not everyone is left with something. After Maria there is something that makes us happy, something eternal.

When I talk about her, I just see her in front of the piano. With a glass of water. With a cigarette. It blows smoke. To sing me something … She was an incredible connoisseur of Bulgarian folklore “, Zaharieva remembers.

Maria Neykova was born on December 21, 1945 in Plovdiv. In 1969 he received the first prize at the Golden Orpheus Festival for the song “Late Meetings” – a duet with Mikhail Belchev. At the end of 1971 the New Year’s musical “Goat’s Path” was shot, in which the singer together with Pasha Hristova participated and performed folk songs. Shortly afterwards, Pasha Hristova died in a serious plane crash while taking off from Sofia Airport. Maria Neykova, who miraculously survived with serious injuries, is also on the plane. From the knee down Maria has 54 surgical stitches and undergoes 6 operations. After Pasha Hristova’s death on December 21, 1971, Maria Neykova never celebrated her birthday again.

The singer’s roles are lyrical ballads and her successful adaptations of folklore in pop music. As a performer she gives concerts not only in Bulgaria but also abroad: Russia, Hungary, GDR, Poland, Algeria. Music for it was written by Toncho Rusev, Zornitsa Popova, Atanas Kosev, Alexander Yosifov, Svetozar Rusinov, Petar Stupel and others. She was a soloist with the Sofia Orchestra.

Maria Neykova is the author of about 100 pop songs. Her ballads “The World is for Two” (1980, performed by Orlin Goranov) and “I Will Talk to You About Love” (2001, performed by Stefan Mitrov) are especially popular. He writes music for movies and theater performances.

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