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Tehran: One person dies of Kovid-19 every seven minutes in Iran, according to local TV channels. The Ministry of Health has stated that the situation in Iran is exacerbated by the failure to strictly follow the Kovid guidelines. In the last few hours, 215 new deaths have been reported in the country. This brings the death toll in Iran to 17,405.Kovid confirmed 2,598 new recruits in Iran. So far, the number of cases has risen to 312,035, Health Ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Larry said.

The channels had released footage of several people walking on a crowded street in Tehran without face masks or social distances.At the same time, health experts point out that Iran’s figures on the number of Kovid cases and deaths are incorrect. The BBC reports that the number of patients and deaths in Iran are three times higher than the official figures.
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Kovid-19 deaths have risen since the deregulation in mid-April. Iranian officials have said they will resume measures to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 if health regulations are not complied with.

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