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In the past week, 4036 people were told that they were infected with the new corona virus, more than half more than a week earlier. RIVM leader Jaap van Dissel said this during a technical briefing in the Lower House. The previous week, 2588 people received a positive test result.

Nine corona patients died last week. That was six a week earlier. The number of hospital admissions was lower, 38 compared to 44 a week earlier.

The fact that hospitals are not filling up faster, according to Van Dissel, is partly because young people in particular are currently contracting the virus. They run less risk of becoming seriously ill than the elderly, who were often hit during the first corona wave this spring.


The number of local outbreaks of the corona virus has risen to 333. In a so-called cluster, at least three corona cases can be associated with each other. The largest group consists of 43 people.

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health said last Thursday that there were 259 clusters, two days earlier the RIVM spoke about 242 clusters and a week before the counter was at 133.

In almost half of the clusters people infected each other at home, but these are relatively small groups of about four people on average. Thirteen clusters are related to the hospitality industry and they consist of more than ten people on average. The largest group, a cluster of 43 people, has to do with a nursing home.

Reproduction number

The so-called reproduction number, which indicates how quickly the corona virus is spreading, has risen slightly. The number is now 1.3. Last week it was 1.2 and the week before 1.4.

With a reproduction number of 1.3, 100 corona patients cause 130 others to contract the disease. They in turn infect 169 people, who then transmit the disease to nearly 220 people. With every step, more patients join and the virus is circulating faster and faster.

The government wants the reproduction number to fall below 1. Then the outbreak slowly fades.

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